Folkestone 10 Mile Medal


We have included a non-binary registration category to welcome every runner to the start line. As we are regulated by UK Athletics, who are in turn governed by the World Athletics Organisation, we are restricted on how we are allowed to report the results. These organisations currently only recognise a male or female racing category.

The results loaded on our own Folkestone race website will include all entrants. However, the uploaded results to RunBritain and the Powerof10 (both of which are associated with our governing body), will need non-binary entries removed. If we were to retain the non-binary category, the software utilised by UKA to import race times, would reject the entire entry list and fail to import any results.

We are also restricted on how we are able to award prizes. As these organisations only recognise a male or female racing category, we are unable to award prizes to anyone racing under a non-binary registration.

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