The Folkestone 10 mile race will be a virtual event for 2021.

Covid restrictions still prevent a normal mass participation event, and after being forced to cancel last year, Folkestone Running Club are using the virtual event this year to reconnect with its loyal supporters, and give runners of all ages and ability levels a target to aim for and look forward to as part of our traditional Easter event.

You need to plan your own 10 mile local route and follow all Covid regulations that may be in force at Easter time. See the entry website for full details.

You need to enter the race beforehand then do your run at any time over the four days of Easter, using a device like Garmin or Strava to ensure the distance is accurate. Just email us your time, and we will then collate the results and publish them on the race site and the club site. There aren’t any category prizes, but we will post you the prestigious newly designed 2021 medal.

We’re keeping the cost down to £12.50 this year, out of respect for the race’s loyal following, but this will cover our costs and raise some degree of much needed funds for our club.

Keep running, keep fit, keep healthy, and we hope to see you all together next year, but in the meantime make the Folkestone 10 your Easter challenge.


The only way to enter the Folkestone 10 Mile race is through this website via our ‘Enter Online‘ page.


Club Runners
Entry Fee £12.50 £12.50


You need to plan your own 10 mile route that is local to your home.

  • You need to run this route at some time over the four days of Easter (from Good Friday 2 April to Easter Monday 5 April).
  • You need to follow all Covid regulations that may be in force at Easter time, but currently this means you can only run socially distanced with a member of your household, your support bubble, or if you are not doing that, then with one other person.
  • Do not run if you feel unwell or have tested positive for Coronavirus, or have any symptoms, or have recently been in contact with anyone who has symptoms or has Coronavirus, or if you are isolating.
  • Bear in mind that if the weather at Easter is fine, then the popular places will be busy, particularly with walkers. Avoid these popular places, or run at quieter times such as early morning, and keep your distance from anyone you need to pass.
  • You need some means of verifying the accuracy of your 10 mile run. For many this will be Garmin or Strava.
  • After your run, email, stating clearly your name and your time, and attaching your evidence (such as screen shot of your Garmin or Strava link). This email should be received by the end of Tuesday 6 April.
  • As soon as possible we will load the compiled results to and and post your medal.